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Kettering's only independent opticians

We are an independent opticians that specialise in providing bespoke personalised eyewear (glasses that work brilliantly when you need them to) - we are not part of a buying group or a franchise, so we put our patients needs first.

Varifocal Consultants

Every day we see patients from all over Northamptonshire who come to us for our expertise in Varifocals. As a Bespoke Varilux Practice, we specialise in providing custom designed lenses to allow our patients to have a much better experience with their varifocals and most importantly enjoy wearing them. Book a varifocal consultation now to find out more about what we do and how we can help

Eyewear Stylists

We handpick all our frames and focus on actual spectacle brands, designed and made by artists and artisans who love eyewear style. Many of our ranges are exclusively stocked by us in Northamptonshire.

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