Most standard varifocals have relatively small areas to look through when using a desktop PC or tablet. The height and distance of computer monitors also make it difficult to use the standard varifocals intermediate and near zones

Enter the office lenses (aka workplace lenses, business or computer lenses, indoor varifocals). These lenses have optimised (larger and wider) zones in the visual distance that the wearer needs it most. For computer users, that’s usually in the intermediate area. But it can vary depending on the needs of the wearer.


"Standard varifocals are good for everything but not always great for everything. They are for everyday wear. Office lenses are brilliant for computer work, with wider and better placed zones  for looking at screens and upclose, they are far more comfortable to wear and drastically reduce neck / head pains. "


All our office lenses are personalised so they suit the tasks you do on a regular basis. Whether you work in an open office or in a closed cubicle, the lenses are tailored to suit. 

All our Varliux Digitime lenses are also enhanced with a special new ultra near zone which allows 

- relaxed eyes, even for prolonged use of smartphones

- better readability of small characters

- natural posture in front of smartphones

With all our office lenses we recommend a good anti-glare coating, and now the new blue protect coating from Essilor, Crizal Prevenzia is our no1 choice