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Its been almost seven long years since Tag Heuer stopped production of their iconic eyewear in their factories in France. For a long time, with their supreme cutting edge design and use of premium materials, they were ours (and the world's) best selling premium rimless frames. We still have our impressive TAG stand, and that is now being repurposed for a whole new collection, as the team behind those frames are back, with McLaren Vision. The elastomer sides that grip even in the warmest weather, the specialist nosepads that are anatomically perfect, they are there, but now they have made use of the latest technology to enhance the frames even more. Read on for some proper hardcore eyewear techspeak....

McLaren Vison. A unisex collection with innovation and the use of advanced materials and technologies at the centre.

McLaren describes its Ultimate Series as ‘technological luxury’. The 3D printed front in titanium is a new approach to structure and one that guarantees both ultra-lightness and lenses free-of-tension mounting. The lug is made of titanium by MIM (metal injection moulding), and provides a rotatory movement that enables a perfect pressure application and compact folding while the frame is closed. The temples are made in silicone and over-moulded on a titanium metal core to ensure a perfect fit. PVD (physical vapour deposition) metalized fronts make for a very deep and resistant coloration. The collection offers seven shapes, four sunglasses, and four frames, all made in France. 

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