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Exclusively introducing the

Powered by behavioural artificial intelligence, Varilux® XR series™ lenses provide instant sharpness even in motion.

For the very first time, a Varilux® lens has been designed with artificial intelligence. Beyond prescription and eye physiology the design now takes into account visual behaviour, a prerequisite for fast and precise eye movements.

Varilux® XR series™ is the first eye responsive varifocal lens that responds to how the eyes really move to ensure sharp and fluid vision.

Sharp and fluid vision

As you multi-task through the day, you’ll experience instantly sharp focus in motion, with seamless switches from near to far. That means seeing things clearly at all distances, feeling reactive and stable, and moving with your natural posture.


Our Visioffice Measuring machine.  We are one of a select few practices in the country chosen by Varilux to dispense these lenses.

Your near vision personalisation is carried out by eye-tracking software on our specially adapted new IPads.

Book an eyewear consultation NOW and have a expert evaluation of your current varifocals and learn about the options that are available to provide you with excellent all around vision - consultations (normally £35) are now free when booked online

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